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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

All engines need coal in their tenders don't they!

My two Peppercorn A1s have currently had coal added to their tenders. This was my first attempt at such a thing, but I must say, it certainly improves the appearance.

Firstly, we have open coal fires, so I used a hammer on some coal. I then added some diluted PVA into the empty tender, and brushed it around the inside. Then added the coal.

Finally I coated the coal in the tender with diluted PVA. Do be careful though as I noticed my tender was leaking alot of PVA!

I have also be improving the weathering on my locos.

LADAS has been fully weathered too, my new single chimney A3.

and.... keep an eye out, a new Peppercorn A1 may be seen very soon........ Aynone fancy some FOXHUNTING.......