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Thursday, 16 July 2009

More A3s!?!?!?!?!

Yes thats right, more A3s!!

To date I have 3, in the shape of 60039 'Sandwich' 60077 'The White Knight' and 60097 'Humorist'.

What I am trying to achieve with my A3s is showing them in all their types during BR, hence why I have ordered another. 60067 'LADAS' in BR Green, early emblem and single chimney. All my other A3s are Kylchap Double Blast Pipe.

As well as LADAS coming along too, 60039 is going to be renumbered. I don't like the name Sandwich, it doesn't suite a locomotive like an A3. Therefore it will become 60086 'Gainsborough' one of the few A3s to never have Smoke Deflectors.

I think Gresley would be proud with all the A3s arriving at Eastcote Central, don't you?